Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman was born in Araminta Ross,1822.She was born into slavery.She was beaten and whipped by her master a lot as a child.She suffered a severe head injury,which causes dizziness,severe headaches,epileptic seizures,powerful visions,and dream experiences,which occured in most of her life.She and her two brothers,Ben and Henry escaped from slavery on the day of September 17,1849.She made 13 missions to save an,almost 70 people.She rescued family,and friends.Later on in life,she had saved about 400 enslaved people.She did it by using the network of the anti slavery Activists and safe houses,called the underground railroad.Which she used to save many enslaved people.In her life,she prayed to the lord “lord,please change my masters heart.” Then about a week later she prayed to him about her master one more time. “Lord,if you are not going to change his heart,kill him,and get him out of my way.” Then sadly,he died a week later.She felt bad and guilty of her thoughts.As she grew older,she saved many people.She was nicknamed “Moses”.For honor in her courageous efforts to save her family and friends from slavery.Abolitionist Lloyd Garrison Named her “Moses”.And as of March 10,1913,she had died.She was 90 years old.She had died of old age.After she died,she became an icon of american courage and freedom.After she died,years later slavery became illegal.